Trail Run Manitoba regrets to announce that the Spruce Woods Ultra will not be taking place in May 2018. We’ve been fortunate to have the local trail running community support and participate in this race for growing numbers for six years. In 2017, the event had over 400 participants. We’re incredibly proud of that.
However, Trail Run Manitoba is run entirely by volunteers. The amount of work required to sustain the race takes a significant toll on our own running, work and personal lives. The Spruce Woods Ultra takes place in a relatively remote area, which poses unique challenges in terms of on-course communications and reaching aid stations. We have to bring in our own water, toilets, and finish-line shelters. The ongoing cost of procuring these items and then storing equipment between the races is prohibitive.
Trail Run Manitoba will continue to be active in the local trail running community. This includes trail running advocacy, trail building, and coaching & clinics. Our volunteers are passionate about bringing people together over a shared love of trail running. We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose, and we’ll miss seeing you at Spruce Woods in May. We wanted to let you know now so you can adjust your race plans for 2018 accordingly – there are some other great races out there.
Thank you for making it so rewarding to put on the Spruce Woods Ultra since 2012. If you have any questions, please contact me, Dwayne Sandall, dwayne@trailrunmanitoba.com.