Race Day

The Details on Race Day

Please refer to the Race Day Handbook and Course Map – PDF for more info.

Friday-Saturday 12-13 May 2017

Event Start Time
100 mile 12:00 pm (noon) Friday
10 mile Night Run 10:00 pm Friday
100 km 12:00 am (midnight)
50 mile 6:00 am Saturday
50km 8:30 am Saturday
Half Marathon 10:00 am Saturday
10 km 11:00 am Saturday

On race day expect to find an exceptional course, a snazzy medal (buckle for the 100 miler!) at the end and some great food when you’re done.

Race Location

road_signHere’s the sign you will turn at.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park is the home of the race. South of Carberry off of Provincial Highway 5 is where you will find the trail head and race day headquarters. Watch for this sign and check this map on the specifics.

View Spruce Woods in a larger map

Get Your Kit then Run

We strongly encourage you to pick up your kit in Winnipeg if you can though as it means there is less for us to haul out to the race site.

Race kits will be available for pick up in Winnipeg on Wednesday May 10th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at City Park Runners, 2091 Portage Avenue.

If you are not from Winnipeg, or won’t be in Winnipeg Wednesday, you can also pick up your race kit at the race site on Friday morning through to Saturday morning. We’ll be setting up kit pick up at 10:30 am Friday. If you don’t have your kit half an hour before your start time, consider yourself in trouble with the head of race day pick up; she can be testy unless you make offerings of good coffee.

The race will start times are listed above, with the 100 mile starting on Friday, with the other events starting Saturday.

The course closes at 8pm Saturday, meaning a 32 hour time limit for the 100 mile and 14 hours for the 50 mile, but unlike a road race, you won’t have cars waiting to take over the course again.

Park Permits

As of May 1, park permits are required for all vehicles in Manitoba Provincial Parks. There will be a self serve park pass kiosk at the trail head where you must purchase a day pass if you don’t already have one. The cost is $5.00 and exact change is required or else you’ll have to leave a tip to Manitoba Conservation 🙂 You can buy a yearly pass at Canadian Tire stores (or other locations that sell hunting/fishing licenses) for about $40 – which is really a fantastic deal.

You were born to run in the wild, not concrete. Feel the Dirt, Get Off the Roads!


Post Race

Once you’ve got your medal, then it will be time to replenish your energy stores. We’ll have some great grub lined up to help you feel somewhat human again.