Get Off The Roads! May 12-13 2017

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Download the ; chock full of good stuff! (updated Feb 2017).

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The Spruce Woods Ultra race is unlike any other event in the province. First, it’s tough. Although it’s a run in the park, it is unlike any other run in the park you’ve seen in Manitoba. OK, so it’s not ‘up-a-mountain’ tough like what you’ll find out west, but with over 1800 feet of climbing in 26.2 miles and a few more in the 50km, that Bishop Grandin bridge you might have ran on Father’s Day will be put in it’s place like the minor bump that it is.

Do you think Pheidippides had some smooth road to run on? No! He was out on the trails!

Second, tough as it is, it is fun on the trails. This is a race put on for runners by runners. No worries about traffic unless a herd of deer happen to cross the trail in front of you.

Join us on May 12-13 for a fantastic race experience that will make you fall in love with trail running. Register, train, race, smile. Easy right?